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Who are we? 
A mother & son duo both living with Celiac Disease and who are passionate about health, wellness and nutrition.  
Our goal ... to make a difference in the gluten free community, one person at a time.

Laura Miller
Marketing, Branding and Event Planning

Laura has been an advocate for family health and wellness for the past eight years with a strong focus on educating parents on the importance of setting a positive example by living a healthy lifestyle.  Laura has been gluten-free & dairy-free since 2007 after learning that she has Celiac Disease and an allergy to cow's milk.  

In 2009, Laura started a program called Follow Me! Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids in Columbus, Ohio that reached over 250,000 families in one year.  The program was endorsed by Michelle Obama and the Presidential Challenge "Let's Move" campaign.  Laura was also a co-founder for an online family website that aggregated local events, discounts, activities in a local city.  The website won a Technology Innovation Award and Laura was a semi-finalist for "Outstanding Woman in Technology" in 2009 for her proven success with building websites that provided dynamic services to target niche audiences.


A Little About Laura

Note from Laura
My goal from the day that Taylor was born was to set a positive example for him, instill in him that there are absolutely no limits on what you can do or achieve and show him the power one person can make when they set their mind to something.   I can say that Taylor is a true testament that there are no limits to what you can achieve at any age and that children do follow by example.

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Taylor Miller
Gluten-Free Blogger and Advocate, Social Media Marketing

Taylor Miller is a 17 year old teenage blogger who's goal has always been to help and inspire others while being gluten-free. Gluten and dairy free for 4 years, diagnosed with Celiac Disease four years ago, Taylor has strived to make a difference in the gluten-free community. 

Taylor started his own blog, GlutenAway, in the Summer of 2012 and has since grown it to be one of the top blogs in the gluten-free community. Taylor's passion, dedication, and drive to help others has been what makes him stand out among anyone else at his age.

Taylor's Story About GlutenAway

GlutenAway was started in the Summer of 2012 when I noticed how small of a following there was for teens who were gluten-free. I looked around the internet and searched for support groups to possibly make my journey of being gluten-free a little easier, but there were none. Most blogs I found were by people who were twice if not 3 times my age. It made me wonder, "why can't I start a blog to help inspire gluten-free teens like me?" Since that day, GlutenAway was born. My main goal has always been to help teens and kids like me but I noticed my audience started to become more parent based. I've been able to help, inspire, and teach people of all ages about being gluten-free in a positive and fun way. On my blog I share tips, recipes, reviews, product lists, and much more all from me as a teen to help make the lives of those who are gluten-free a little bit easier one day at a time.

A Little About Taylor

Note from Taylor
I've always wanted to show people that being gluten-free doesn't mean it's the end of the world. But I'll admit, it can be a lot harder when you don't have the perks of getting so many gluten-free products. My goal has always been to help those who are gluten-free in some way. With this expo and many other things I work on, I'm hopeful my mom and I can make a difference and to make it better for all in the gluten-free community.

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